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Research &

Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Resh, W. G., & Lee, E. K. (2023). Measuring Contract Patronage in US Federal Government Contract Markets–An Exploratory Analysis. Available at SSRN.


  • Resh, W. G., Napolio, N. G., & Lee, E. (2022). The Pivotal and Distributive Politics of Senate‐Confirmed Appointee Vacancies. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 52(1), 60-83.

  • Lee, K., & Jung, K. (2018). Exploring institutional reform of Korean civil service pension: advocacy coalition framework, policy knowledge and social innovation. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, 4, 1- 23.

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Working Papers & Book Chapters

  • Resh, W. G., Ahn, Y., Wang, W., and Lee, K., (Under Review). “The Effect of the 2018-2019 United States Government Shutdown on Federal Workforce Turnover” Public Administration Review
    *The Recipient of the 2024 APSA Herbert Kaufman Best Paper Award

  • Resh, W. G., Barboza-Wilkes, C., Lee, K., O’Connell A., and Onur Tezcan. H., (working paper). “Never a Slam Dunk: Testing Multidisciplinary Hypotheses on the Effects of Interim Leadership with NBA Case and DataAnalyses” *Accepted to the 2023 MPSA conference

  • (Work-in-progress) “Politics of Public Procurement” In Teaching Public Procurement: Bridging Theory and Practice with Routledge (with Resh, W. G.
    and Heonuk Ha).

Dataset & Policy Report

  • Resh, William; Hollibaugh, Gary; Roberts, Patrick; Dull, Matthew; Lee, Eli Keunyoung, 2023, "AppointeeVacancies in U.S. Executive Branch Agencies", Harvard Dataverse, V3.

  • Lee, K. (February/2023). “Sustainable Water Resource Facility Project” for Drought Preparedness in the City of Santa Monica, California. Korea Research Institute
    for Local Administration. Written in Korean

  • Lee, K. (November/2022). “Community Air Toxics Initiative” in the City of Compton - Local Community Air Pollution Monitoring and Response Policy. Korea Research Institute for Local Administration. Written in Korean

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